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11 Gorgeous Portraits Captured in Cincinnati, Oh

Victoria Siebe Photography + Film

Portraits are a style of Photography that emphasizes on you and those closest to you. Your story is important, and it is my job to capture it. During every season, Cincinnati offers a beautifully diverse selection of picture-perfect locations to host your very own shoot. I've compiled a list of beautiful Portraiture captured right here in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Photographer Victoria Siebe Photography + Film

Spring Cherry Blossoms

Spring is a magical time in Cincinnati. Many of our flowers bloom as a way to welcome the warmer weather and leave the bitter cold of winter behind. The stunning spectacle of Ault's annual blooming of Cherry Blossoms sends a signal to locals to head outside and breathe in the fresh spring air.

Spring Wedding

Spring is a very popular time of year for couples to tie the knot. Whether your big day is celebrated at a high-end venue, or putting on your hiking boots and elope to that magical spot where you two fell in love. A Spring wedding is one of my favorite seasons to photograph.

Summer Golden Hour

Ah, summer. Basking in the warm summer light and days becoming longer. It's the perfect time of year to get amazing golden hour photoshoots done. There's something about summer and horses that makes the perfect balance for a Equine photoshoot. Magical and majestic!

Flower Fields

A popular request I get is to have flowers incorporated, often a flower field. My oh my, what a gem we have here in the area! This magical poppy field graces us with their presence a few weeks out of the whole year. Isn't this something you'd only see in a movie? This one-of-a-kind field makes the best family session spot for flower-lovers.

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Fall Magic

Fall is definitely a local favorite for Cincinnatians. Cool weather, knitted hats and a plethora of pumpkin spice lattes, this is also the time of year Photographers are most busy. Immersing yourself and your loved ones in rich color and crisp air (and the leaves falling) there's no question as to why is a popular time of year. Especially Birthdays!

Rich Color, Crisp Air

It's the hottest season of the year for weddings. I can't blame my couples though, it's breath-takingly beautiful. Colors vibrant, just like the love that's shared between two souls. With so many things uncertain since the beginning of the pandemic, one thing has always been clear - nothing will get in the way of love. Especially these two!

Winter Wonderland

If you're feeling extra, and willing to put on your snow boots, having a session in the fresh snowfall makes for a stunning Portrait. The frosted trees, in the silence of fresh snow, the land becomes a wonderland. Put on a glamorous gown (and boots) and let's have a snow day!

Raining Snowflakes

I can't express enough how beautiful winter shoots can be. The landscape paints a beautiful backdrop and brings a sense of magic to life. I love bringing my Clients warmers and hot chocolate for the shoot so they can stay warm! That's definitely the best part for the kids.

The Holidays

While I do a fair amount of outdoor sessions, I do many indoor sessions (and dogs too.) Holiday sessions are the best time to round up the whole gang for a traditional gathering photoshoot. This has been a long tradition in my family. There are many gorgeous studios in the Cincinnati area. Get your matching outfits and head to the studio!

Barns and Hoofprints

I live for glamour shots. Providing wardrobe and styling tips to bring out your best, there's no exception when it comes to horses. My in-depth guide to prepping your four-legged companion to star in their glam shoot results in powerful Portraiture that shares your passion. We have an awesome promo for horse lovers. Book your Heart Horse session here.

Fur Kids

I love getting creative and create a one-of-a-kind shoot to celebrate your fur babies. In the studio or on location at your favorite park, we celebrate all the big moments. Whether it's your human kid, or your fur kid. I mean, how cute is this pup cake smash?

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Victoria Siebe Photography + Film

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